Me This is a blog that accompanies the online connectivism course led by Stephen Downes and George Siemens. I hope to grow it over time into other areas as well.My personal interests span learning technologies, standards, instructional design, personalization and related areas. Hope you find my posts useful in what you do. Please forgive any inaccuracies due to my limited knowledge of things!

I head the development centre for Servitium, an elearning and technology company. I have been responsible for creating software applications, eLearning tools and infrastructure applications for the major part of my career. I was earlier the Chief Technology Officer at, India’s largest eLearning online initiative focused on the K – 12 segments and was among the earliest demonstrators of eLearning technology in India. I was also the CTO at LIQVID, an eLearning company based out of India where I was responsible for key Fortune 500 accounts and Director, Technology, at Argusoft, a software development company based out of India.
I have designed technical architecture for Enterprise applications, Content Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Content Syndication Systems. I have some degree of competence in e-Learning standards like SCORM and AICC and hands-on expertise in a host of tools and technologies ranging across the spectrum of programming languages, middleware, relational database management systems and ERP Systems.

You can reach me at or read more about Servitium.